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anita graef with cello

A Beginner’s Guide to Tuning Your Cello

Tuning should be the first activity you complete with your cello every day, or every time you get the instrument out. Here's a beginner's guide to tuning your cello.
Young girl playing violin

7 Things to Teach Beginning String Students

Here are 7 areas string teachers should emphasize if their students are to become well-rounded people with a deeper appreciation of how music works and why it’s so important.
7 tips on developing a beautiful vibrato

7 Tips on Developing Beautiful Vibrato

The key to developing good vibrato starts even before you play a single note. Here are 7 tips for developing a beautiful vibrato on cello that may also apply to viola and violin.
Albert Einstein playing the violin

Am I Too Old to Learn Violin?

Have you ever wondered if you're too old to play violin? The instrument is never off limits because of age. Here are some tips to get started on violin as an adult.