Yamaha’s YVN Model 3 Student Violin is Crafted With Care & Precision

By Stephanie Powell

Yamaha has crafted a student instrument with durability and the environment in mind—its latest YVN Model 3 is built with computer assistance to produce less waste material during the manufacturing process. Strings had a reviewer, who also happens to be a string teacher, stop by our studio to test out Yamaha’s latest student model.

Our reviewer noted that the YVN Model 3 has a nice set up and holds tune nicely. The fine tuners are especially useful for entry-level students, and he noted that the pegs are easy to maneuver. He said that it’s smooth across all the strings, stronger at the lower end, and has a “remarkably nice tone.” The YVN Model 3 comes as an outfit, complete with violin, bow, rosin, and case. Our reviewer noted that the bow was the weakest element of the outfit, but once a student advances, pairing this instrument with a nicer bow could take it to the next level. Given what the outfit offers, he added, the pricing is competitive, and he would recommend it to his entry-level students.

The top is constructed with three layers of spruce, distributed evenly across the core. The tailpiece is made of synthetic material, and the pegs are made from a resin and ebony blend. Two layers of maple flank a spruce core in the three-layer back. A laser is used to carve the purfling channel, which is then filled with resin. The chinrest is built with composite material and the fingerboard is rosewood. 

YVN Model 3


Spruce top; maple/spruce back

Bow: Brazilwood; Glasser Fiberglass option

Ebony/resin pegs; rosewood fingerboard

Strings: D’Addario Prelude

Case: ABS-shaped case with an aluminum valence

Bridge: 3-Star Teller bridge made from
Bosnian maple

$835 (MSRP)