Wood Violins Releases New 5-string Viper Production Model

By Megan Westberg | From the July-August 2020 issue of Strings magazine

For 30 years, Wood Violins has been putting instruments into the hands of violinists determined to stand out. They could hardly help it. For beyond his or her own musicianship, a violinist wielding an electric violin from Mark Wood’s company would be playing something invariably eye-catching: wild colors skimming the contours of unconventional designs, shimmering under stage lights. 


In celebration of this anniversary, Wood Violins has released the first production version of its Viper series, which has, until this point, been available only as a custom-made instrument. The Viper Classic is a 5-string electric violin, non-fretted, and comes with the Wood Violins shoulder-harness system. At around $2,200, the instrument is meant to provide a Viper experience at a more affordable price point than the custom version. And, of course, its sparkly finish, in either candy-apple red or galaxy black, will grab its usual share of attention.

Wood Violins Viper Classic

  • 5-string fretless electric violin
  • Comes with shoulder-harness system, Tru-Tone piezo pickup bridge, Viper-shaped gig bag
  • Machine tuners
  • Available in candy-apple red or galaxy black
  • $2,199 (street)