Win a Pack of Dominant Pro Violin Strings!

The latest evolution in the string revolution!

50 Years ago, Thomastik-Infeld was the 1st string manufacturer in the world to successfully produce violin strings with a synthetic core of extremely fine nylon fibers. DOMINANT strings combined the qualities of outstanding steel strings with those of very good gut strings and have remained the industry standard through today.

With advances in playing styles, this new set was not aimed at changing the basic character of DOMINANT, but rather to expand on the possibilities. Introducing Thomastik-Infeld’s latest string revolution: Dominant Pro. 


DOMINANT PRO is ideally suited for chamber musicians, soloists, and orchestra musicians alike. 

What makes Dominant Pro so special? 
The set sounds darker, more focused, and responds more directly than Dominant, yet it also allows musicians the possibility to create a broad range of sound colors! It has a bell-like sound that fills the room directly upon stringing – and a powerful, clear, and loud voice with a high ability to sustain sound. And just like Dominant, they feature good tuning stability, low tension and a long lifespan.

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