Video Premiere: Daniel Temkin’s “Time Capsule”

There’s no escaping the pull of this ethereal, spirited piece from the composer's album COLORS

By Megan Westberg

There’s no escaping the pull of Daniel Temkin’s ethereal, spirited piece “Time Capsule,” from the composer’s recent release, COLORS, played in this Strings exclusive video premiere by violinists Francisco Fullana and Alexi Kenney. Its appeal immediate, the music plays and seeks, rushes joyfully ahead and laughs softly. But mostly, it remembers. Fullana’s and Kenney’s magnetic, sensitive ensemble playing underscores the piece’s poignancy, lightly skating through its sense of nostalgia without ever leaning on it too hard. “Time Capsule” is wistful rather than sentimental—a cool glass of lemonade on the loveliest summer’s day you can recall.


COLORS (Orchid Classics) marks Temkin’s debut solo album and includes solo, duo, and trio pieces. For strings, in addition to “Time Capsule,” listeners will find “Flow” for piano, violin, and cello and “Unspoken” for solo viola. And for those in the New York area hoping to hear this music in person, Death of Classical will play host to the album’s release party—two nights of performances in the Crypt (under the Church of the Intercession in Harlem) on March 25 and 26.