Video Exclusive: Annie Moses Band ‘In the New World’

In a Strings exclusive, six-sibling string ensemble the Annie Moses Band has released a music video from its latest album, American Rhapsody (Rhino Warner Classics), titled “In the New World.” Violinist and vocalist Annie Wolaver Dupre answers a few questions about the song selection, location for the music video, and the string-arrangement process. The album was released in early September—stay tuned for a feature story on the band and its latest release in our upcoming February issue of Strings magazine—on stands late December.

Where did the shoot take place?
In the North East coast of Washington state at the Hoh Rainforest and Olympic National Forest. The trees up there are simply incredible. You can’t believe the size until you see them with your own eyes. It was amazing and beautiful.


Can you talk about the concept of the video?
“In the New World” was written to embody the spirit of the men and women who first came to America’s shores in search of a new life in a new world. We wanted the music video to embody the drama of the music and their story.

What was the arranging process like for the string section?
The creative process for “In the New World” was very collaborative. Writing the song itself involved many members of the Annie Moses Band and we went through several revisions before we were satisfied. For the string parts, I had the primary idea for the string motif that builds throughout the piece and climaxes in the instrumental. Bill Wolaver, our string arranger and father, took that initial motif and made the arrangement work for the full quartet. Alex, our violist and the album’s producer, made it all take shape in the studio, building the arc of the song in light of the rhythm section and vocals.

How long did the shoot take?
We shot “In the New World” over a four-day period during a three-week trip we took west to film eight different music videos for American Rhapsody. The trip was as epic, as were the music videos we were filming!

Why did you select this song in particular to shoot a video for?
The scope of “In the New World” is cinematic. Film is powerful art form and it gave us a way to deepen the impact of the song.