The Kaplan Family Just Got Bigger and Smaller

Sponsored by D’Addario:

Sophisticated strings like Kaplan have historically been available for full-sized instruments, but now, players of smaller instruments can also enjoy the benefits of high-end strings. D’Addario Orchestral has expanded its premium Kaplan string family to include fractional violin and viola sizes. Kaplan fractional strings are designed specifically for aspiring and advancing players who are looking to access additional tonal range and versatility. 

The Kaplan brand includes two premium options, Amo and Vivo, offering players a combination of beauty and power. Kaplan Amo provides warmth, richness, and flexibility while Kaplan Vivo provides brilliance, clarity and a robust feel. Kaplan strings provide the ultimate customization of sound and response, allowing the player to reach the height of their potential. Kaplan users can choose between Amo and Vivo to either balance out or accentuate an instrument’s natural sound.

Why is it important to have the right-sized strings? In a word; playability. If an instrument is set up with the incorrectly-sized strings, then tension, tuning stability, and bow response may all suffer. 

Kaplan isn’t the only string brand available in fractional sizes. For students and advancing players looking to prioritize cost, D’Addario Orchestral offers additional step-up strings in fractional sizes that don’t compromise on quality. 

  • Zyex strings have a broader range of expression and produce a balanced, rich, and sophisticated sound. 
  • Pro-Arté strings have a warm sound with tonal complexity that mellows out brightness. 
  • Ascenté strings provide tonal complexity with more power to help players advance their craft with elegance and consistency. 

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