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The Mind in Practice

The passion and desire that impel us toward music will energize our practice for a lifetime—but we still have to know what to do
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7 Strategies to Help Structure Your Practice Time

While we’re grappling with uncertainty and fear during this unprecedented time, many of us are also facing a new challenge: free time. Here are 7 strategies to help you handle uncertainty and use your free time more effectively.




Practice Mindful Musicianship

How including mindfulness in your practice can improve your music and your life By Diana Ladio Mindfulness is a buzzword making its way around our newsfeeds, but it’s an idea truly worth considering as an aid to music-making. Playing an…


A Little Flash: How to Practice David Popper’s Gavotte in D

By Benjamin Whitcomb | From the March/April 2020 issue of Strings Magazine David Popper’s Gavotte in D major is a delightful, short work that intermediate cellists have been learning and performing for decades. Like so many of Popper’s works, it…


5 Tips on Negotiating the College Practice-Space Conundrum

By Miranda Wilson Practice. Ever since our teachers taught us to sing “Doctor! Suzuki! Says never! Be lazy! But practice! And practice! Until you! Go crazy!” to the tune of Twinkle Variation B, we’ve known that it’s compulsory for anyone…

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Tips for Thoughtful Practicing

By Rebecca Fischer The other night I had a friend, whom I hadn’t seen in years, over for dinner. We went to music camp together in the mid-’90s, and after spending a good amount of time examining photos and discussing…


A New Way to Practice the Octaves in Beethoven’s Violin Concerto

By Gregory Walker The orchestral introduction seems to go on forever, three-and-a-half minutes of some of the noblest music ever written, composed by classical music’s greatest master. Just when things couldn’t get any better, the violas suddenly die away in…

How to Practice Max Bruch’s ‘Kol Nidrei’

By Benjamin Whitcomb The cello repertoire contains numerous one-movement pieces for cello and piano or cello and orchestra, many of which are wonderful works if not masterpieces. Several of these compositions are so famous and popular that learning them is…

Lindsey Stirling on her ‘Brave’ New Album and the Power of Practice

By David Templeton Lindsey Stirling on her ‘Brave’ new album, preparing for the rigors of touring, and the power of practice “I don’t like boxes,” says violinist-dancer-singer-author-composer-actress Lindsey Stirling, calling up from New York, where the multi-hyphened force-of-nature has been rehearsing…


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5 Ways to Improve the Results of Your Practice Sessions

Lots of string players talk about practicing more often, but few know how to make it productive. Posted by Robert Howard The Problem Practice is a bore. Try a Fresh Approach Like any endeavor, there isn’t a right way to…

Learn to Devise the Best Cello Fingerings

How can you decide what distinguishes a good fingering from a bad one, and what criteria can you use to figure out the best possible fingering solution?