Is It Possible To Play with a Straight Bow? Some rules are made to be broken.

Is It Possible To Play with a Straight Bow?

 By Miranda Wilson “Your bow’s not straight.” I found myself writing this comment again and again in undergraduate string juries, often for good players who had heard this criticism before. It’s become axiomatic that the bow must be pulled in…


Learn to Develop a More Natural-feeling Bow Hold

A 5-step approach to finding the perfect grip for your violin or viola bow By Laurel Thomsen Fig. 1: Turn your hand over so the palm faces up. Let your thumb curl inward. Fig. 2: Turn your hand back over,…


proper arm placement on violin for string crossing

Bowing Tips: 3 Easy Ways to Improve Your String Crossings

Work your shoulder weight to gain speed, accuracy, and powerby Laurel Thomsen The Problem: You’re not getting power in your strokes after sloppy string crossings. The Solution: Sharpen your awareness of bowing arm dynamics. When you want to move to…