Strings Sessions Presents: Mads Tolling & the Mads Men

Violinist Mads Tolling stopped by the Strings studio to perform three tunes off of his latest album, and is joined by keyboardist-accordionist Colin Hogan and bassist Joshua Thurston-Milgrom to form Mads Tollings & the Mads Men. The group’s latest album, Playing the ’60s, is a nod at the music Tolling was influenced by in his youth.

“Like most kids growing up in Europe we were influenced by American culture, so we were watching Meet the Flintstones, Mission: Impossible, Pink Panther,” Tolling says in Strings‘ May issue. “We had all those series over there. I realized that this is really great music, some of the music that was written back in American film and TV shows. Doing different versions of those [theme songs] is interesting and that caught my attention [for] this album.”


Watch the trio perform “All Along the Watchtower,” “Meet the Flintstones,” and “Armando’s Rhumba.”