Strings Session in Place: Jesus Rodolfo Performs Saariaho’s ‘Vent Nocturne’

In our latest Strings Sessions in Place, violist Jesus Rodolfo performs Kaija Saariaho’s Vent Nocturne for viola and electronics against a backdrop of artist Daniela Astone’s “SUNRISE” series. Vent Nocturne has a “strong connection” with the art, as Rodolfo notes, “[the piece itself] talks about wind, exhalation and air, which is something that is very common and vital [in our daily lives]. Just like a sunrise.” The effortless blending of viola and electronics within the piece, he adds, mirrors the relationship between all of the shades of colors within the various sunrises, and how they blend together.


Shot in New York at the High Line Nine, enjoy this visual and auditory journey as Rodolfo invites us to embody the beauty of the natural world alongside Vent Nocturne. You can listen to more of Rodolfo’s work with his latest release Remembering Russia, which was released on Pentatone last October.