String You and Your Passion for Music Together with Versum Cello Strings

After years of painstaking research and rigorous testing, Thomastik-Infeld, the leading innovators in string technology have created a sweet and warm cello set for the advanced cellist.


They impress with a beautiful tonal balance: a sweet top and a warm, velvety and round bottom. With their focused sound and precise and powerful intonation they give your instrument a unique personality and offer you great versatility in expression.


A vast spectrum of colors and an ideal balance across all strings provide support for the cellos lower voice while accentuating its soloistic opportunities.



The strings boast stability under changing conditions and stand the test of time.


Versum strings respond instantly, convince with their great dynamic range and are ideal for principal and orchestra players as well as quartets.

Miro Quartet

Josh Gindele of the Miro Quartet says “I have searched far and wide and have found these strings to be brilliant. They are incredibly quick to speak, have the brightness or “core” that allows the sound to project in large halls, but have the warmth and glow of the gut strings that I love so much. I use all four and the balance of tension is ideal.”

Versum strings stand out on their own but they also play well with others! On their own – or paired with Spirocore – they are ideal for principal and orchestra players as well as quartets.

Plus…. They are made in Vienna to Thomastik-Infeld standards!

The A&D strings are steel core with multi-alloy windings and the G&C are spiral core with a tungsten-chrome winding. Available for 4/4 cello only.

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Versum joins Thomastik-Infeld family members including Peter Infeld, Dominant, Spirocore, Spirit and Alphayue strings among others.