SHAR: Ann Arbor Violin Gallery

Sponsored by Shar

A carefully selected collection of American instruments of exceptional character and value, from the hands of active American makers. Ann Arbor has emerged as an American center of violin making. This unique and collegial environment has provided the opportunity to gather, in one place, instruments suitable for the serious player at any level.

Alliance Series: A careful collaboration between European and American luthiers, combining the traditions and know-how of European craftsmanship with American sensibilities of sound production and musical practices. Price Guideline: Generally Under $5,000


Emerging Master Series: American instruments individually handcrafted by young American makers at the beginning of promising careers. We have selected the best of these instruments for the serious player who is looking to move up to a maker-made instrument. Price Guideline: Generally $5,000-$8,000

Curated Collection: The finest examples by established and respected American makers. We have carefully chosen only instruments of great character, fine craftsmanship, and outstanding tonal qualities. Price Guideline: Generally Over $8,000

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