Product News: The Kun Seven Shoulder Rest Aims for Freedom and Comfort

This new shoulder rest is highly customizable

By Megan Westberg | From the July-August 2024 issue of Strings Magazine

Somewhere between the unyielding back of the violin and its player’s inescapably idiosyncratic body lies the territory of the shoulder rest, tasked with attuning one to the other. It must do so in a way that allows the player to move comfortably without dulling the instrument’s voice. An inflexible thing secured to a thing of infinite variety. Seems a daunting task. 

Kun has been applying itself to this puzzle for over five decades and has recently unveiled the Kun Seven, which aims to marry the instrument to its player’s obliging shoulder through a highly customizable shoulder rest system. The pad itself bends to fit the shoulder as pad adapters make the height adjustable and a “coupler joint” allows the player to adjust the pad’s angle and positioning. The Kun Seven is designed to avoid dampening the instrument’s sound by using offset feet with internal ribs, minimizing contact. It is primarily black with brass fittings, an aesthetic that the company describes as a “nod to the past and leading-edge design that looks to the future.”

Kun Seven Shoulder Rest

• Pad bends with silicon pattern for grip


• Three height options

• Pad angle and position adjustable

• Offset feet with internal ribs

• Brass parts

• $285 (MSRP)