By Megan Westberg


If you’ve ever needed amplification in your violin performances, you’re probably aware that there are two main methods of achieving it: miking your instrument or using a piezo pickup, often built into the bridge. And there are arguments to be made for either, in terms of tonal fidelity and strength, convenience, and user friendliness. Cloudvocal, however, thinks you should skip the argument and just have it all. Enter its ISOLO VF-10 Violin/Fiddle Wireless System. An upgrade from an earlier iteration, the system offers both KNA VV-3 piezo pickup and cardioid miking possibilities along with eight built-in effects. It operates in the 2.4GHz band, with “one-click pairing, auto-connecting design… and effectively avoids interference by automatic frequency hopping.” It was designed with simple installation, easy usage, and ready portability in mind.

Cloudvocal ISOLO VF-10 Violin/Fiddle Wireless System

  • Comes with mic transmitter, receiver, KNA VV-3 piezo pickup, adjustable clamp, charging cable, guides, and mounting materials
  • Receiver transmits in 2.4GHz with automatic frequency hopping
  • One-click pairing
  • Eight effects
  • Normal working distance: 15 meters
  • $499