Pirastro’s New Flexocor Deluxe Strings are Designed to Provide a Smooth Ride

Pirastro's new Flexocor Deluxe cello strings are designed to make playing the cello a breeze, with emphasis on ease of use for the player.

By Megan Westberg | From the July-August 2022 issue of Strings magazine


In Pirastro’s descriptions of its new string set for cello, the Flexocor Deluxe, a theme emerges: these strings are designed to make playing the cello a breeze. From playability to tuning stability to string transitions, the emphasis seems to have been on ease of use for the player (and for the cello, due to the strings’ soft to medium tension). In terms of sound, the strings are meant to produce a deep, warm tone with “robust” volume. The A and D strings have solid steel cores wound with chrome steel; the G and C strings have rope steel cores wound with tungsten. All of the strings are nickel free and come in medium gauge for 4/4 instruments. 

Pirastro Flexocor Deluxe strings for cello

  • A & D strings: steel core wound with chrome steel; G & C strings: rope steel core wound with tungsten
  • All strings have a ball end
  • Medium gauge, soft to medium tension
  • Available for 4/4 instruments
  • Set: $159.50 (street) Pirastro.com