Pirastro’s Latest Set of Strings for Double Bass Brings the Bounce

By Stephanie Powell

Pirastro has released D-Bass Perpetual, a new set of strings for the double bass, designed with pizzicato in mind. The set was not created for a specific style of music, but the strings’ quick bow response makes them adaptable for multiple styles and genres. It is an orchestra- tuning set, and two variation strings are sold separately: E 2.10m (C-extension) and B5. The strings were developed to create effortless left-hand feel and quick response, while delivering a lively tone. They are chrome-steel wound with a flexible, high-tensile, steel-rope core. 

Pirastro D-Bass perpetual strings 

• Available in an orchestra-tuning medium-gauge set


• E 2.10 (C-extension) and B5 strings are available separately


Set: $235.53 (list), $221.40 (MAP); E ext.: $88.23 (list), $82.94 (MAP); low B: $126.38 (list), $118.80 (MAP)