Pirastro Expands Its Violin String Line With the Perpetual Cadenza

Perhaps to satisfy players whose instruments require a subtler hand, Pirastro has released a new Perpetual Cadenza string line for violin.

By Megan Westberg | From the November-December 2021 issue of Strings magazine


Pirastro describes its synthetic-core Perpetual violin string as the loudest and most projecting string in its entire lineup, with a vibrant, colorful tone and quick response. In a bid, perhaps, to satisfy players whose instruments require a subtler hand, the company has released a new set to serve as a variation on the Perpetual: the Perpetual Cadenza. This set is made with the same materials (except for the E, which is platinum in the standard Perpetual set and steel in the Perpetual Cadenza), but with lower string tension to make them easier to play, with a “warm and very deep sound.” Still touted as a powerful set, the Perpetual Cadenza was designed to require noticeably less finger pressure, especially for shifting and portamenti. 

Pirastro Perpetual Cadenza Violin Strings

  • Steel E; synthetic-core aluminum A; synthetic-core silver D and G
  • Lower string tension makes the set easier to play, with warmer tone than the Perpetual
  • Set: $86 (street)