Pirastro Adds to its Evah Pirazzi Violin and Perpetual Cello String Lines

By Megan Westberg | From the September-October 2020 issue of Strings magazine

Twenty years ago, Pirastro unveiled its Evah Pirazzi violin-string line, to which the company has been steadily adding ever since. The synthetic-core strings were designed with the soloist in mind, seeking to combine power with playability and complexity. In celebration of the line’s anniversary, the company has added a new C string, wound with tungsten-silver. The string is available as part of a five-string set, which also includes a silvery-steel E, aluminum-wound A, and silver-wound D and G. 

Pirastro has also lavished attention on its Perpetual cello-string line, adding the A Soloist Strong and C Edition Strong strings. The steel/chrome steel A Soloist Strong is designed to be the warmest and richest of all Pirastro’s A strings, with a thicker gauge and increased bow resistance for projection. Pirastro marks the rope-core/tungsten C Edition Strong as the “most sonorous” C in its catalog, with quick response and tuning stability.


Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Violin C

  • Synthetic core, wrapped in tungsten-silver
  • Ball end
  • C string: $40 (street); set: $125 (street)

Pirastro Perpetual A Soloist Strong and C Edition Strong Cello Strings

  • Perpetual A Soloist Strong: steel/chrome steel
  • Perpetual C Edition Strong: rope core/tungsten
  • Available in full size only
  • Perpetual A Soloist Strong: $50 (street); C Edition Strong: $120 (street)