New Strings from Jargar

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Young Talent – Fractional cello strings from Jargar

By combining the techniques used for all our cello strings we have created a new line of fractional strings – Young Talent. The strings produce as our full size strings a warm, brilliant and powerful tone and they are easy to play on. These qualities make them the perfect choice both for beginners as well as highly talented advanced cellists.

They are highly recommended by cello teacher all over the world. They say among other things about them:

“They are nice, big and bright like I expect from Jargar Strings. They settle in quickly and definitely improved the tone over other brands that were on the cello previously.”


The Young Talent strings come in ¾, ½ and ¼ size.

Ad16 Jargar youngtalentCello Superior – Strings for performers

The Superior set sound warm, round and powerful from the first second after winding up the strings. They are very well balanced and rich in overtones. They support full forte and deep piano colors and they are very projecting and responsive. Superior strings are perfect for chamber music, orchestral playing and solos. The strings are very long-lasting which make them one of the best price-performance ratio in the market.

“My search for the perfect strings is over! The Jargar Superiors are fantastic – all four strings have power and depth, with plenty of warmth without sacrificing projection. They are ready to play immediately. I am so happy for these wonderful strings!” Joseph Johnson, Principal Cellist of Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

AD16 superiorcello_place-2nd

Violin Superior – Strings for Performers

The new Superior synthetic core strings for violin usher a new era at Jargar. Now, Jargar can offer a top-notch choice for professional musicians playing everything from Solo to Orchestra Music.

The warmth and colour is a truly extraordinary blend resulting in a fantastic natural violin sound. Every audience can enjoy a full projective sound thanks to the combination of a unique core technology and carefully selected winding materials.

The strings have a quick response. Especially soft notes have a fantastic clarity without using a lot of bow pressure.

AD16 Jargar superiorviolin_place-3rd