Merz Trio Wins Gold at the 2019 Fischoff Chamber Music Competition

With more than 60 ensembles reaching the quarterfinals from more than 20 countries, the 46th annual Fischoff Chamber Music Competition has come to a close, and announced its winners: the New England Conservatory–based Merz Trio, made up of violinist Brigid Coleridge, cellist Julia Yang, and pianist Eric (Lee) Dionne, took the gold in the senior division.

The Ferida Trio, violinist Sean Mori, cellist Angeline Kiang, and pianist Karina Tseng, caught attention of the jury and took home the gold medal in the junior division.


The Merz Trio will take home a grand prize of $7,000, while the Fervidas won $2,300. Jury members for the senior division included: Daniel Phillips, Sabina Thatcher, Michael Reynolds, and Marian Hahn. While the junior division included Rebecca Fischer, Jeffrey Ziegler and Liza Stepanova as jury members.

In the senior division second place, worth $3,000, went to the Abeo Quartet (Juilliard School), and third place, worth $2,000, went to the Dior Quartet (Indiana University, Jacobs School of Music). In the junior division the silver medal, worth $1,800, went to Éclatante (Starling Preparatory String Project, University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music), and the bronze prize, worth $1,300, went to Meraki Quartet (Crowden Music Center).

The Grand Prize actually went to the Aruna Quartet, a saxophone quartet.