Luis and Clark: The Sage Choice for College

Sponsored Story by Luis and Clark

The $10,000 to $25,000 range is often cited as the price point to start getting high quality craftsmanship and tone from an instrument. This is the price range frequently suggested to serious students in search of a college instrument and many students are instructed by their teachers not to consider any instrument below $10,000. This is a serious hardship for many who are already struggling to afford tuition and living expenses. The average annual tuition for a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance has risen as high as $50,000.

Adding further to the cost, wooden string instruments can become very expensive to maintain and repair over time, especially in cold or dry climates where cracks and open seams are common, and in climates where heat can melt varnish and glue. Rapid changes in temperature and humidity can also be catastrophic.


Additionally, wooden instruments can be very heavy. Playing an instrument for 8 hours a day, as is often required of college students, can take its toll. Students may find themselves with new or worsening injuries, and having to weigh the pros and cons of letting their bodies get the rest they need to fully recover, versus being prepared for lessons, rehearsals, performances, and auditions.

Luis and Clark instruments will never crack or come apart at the seams, and are much more durable than wooden instruments. Climate-related issues such as pegs getting stuck in hot humid weather or suddenly releasing in cold dry weather, don’t bother the Luis and Clark instruments. They perform reliably in any climate, allowing players to focus on making music instead of struggling with their equipment. This also makes them ideal for touring and travel. They are very light and ergonomically designed to be held closer to the body and to be played with less effort, both because of their design and because of the increased resonance of carbon fiber compared to wood. People are always shocked by how easy they are to play! Most importantly, their sound is comparable to instruments worth many times their price, as they were designed to be the ultimate instrument for professionals.