Luis and Clark: Happy Campers

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Summer music festivals and camps can bring about some of the best experiences for musicians both young and old. From connecting with fellow musicians, to meeting new mentors, to being challenged by music, peers, coaches, and conductors, attending summer camps can catalyze rapid growth and create rewarding and formative musical experiences.

However, the trials and tribulations brought on by the heat and humidity of summertime can be almost as challenging as the music itself! Pegs stick, wood warps, varnish bubbles, glue melts and seams can seem un-seamly. Bringing a beautiful wooden instrument into that environment is enough to cause palpitations. You can’t decide whether to risk your precious instrument or play an inferior one, just for the summer. And camp is an opportunity to make a multitude of first impressions, maybe meeting your future teacher, conductors and coaches who will influence your trajectory as a musician, and colleagues you may play with again. You don’t want to spend your time struggling to get a decent sound out of an inferior instrument; you could get so much more out of the experience by playing an instrument that would support your development as a musician and accurately represent your playing ability, letting you focus on the music alone.


Much of the buzz about the Luis and Clark carbon fiber instruments has focused on their lightweight durability, resistance to changes in climate, no-fuss maintenance, and (let’s face it) how cool they look. However, they were designed with only one thing in mind: the sound. Luis Leguia played in the Boston Symphony for 44 years, but he also had a very busy career as a soloist. He was always in pursuit of a great sounding cello that could be heard over an orchestra or piano. His work is the culmination of decades of experience; his designs are based on measurements from many of the finest instruments in the world. Made by hand with utmost care, the Luis and Clark instruments not only stand up to the weather, they stand up to their great Italian wooden counterparts. And they would love to go to camp!

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