Keep Connected: Israel Philharmonic Celebrates Passover with Holiday Medley

With Passover beginning April 8, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra has released a medley of classic holiday tunes recorded by musicians at home in self-quarantine. “On behalf of the orchestra, we wish all our subscribers and all music lovers in Israel a happy Passover and good health,” reads the YouTube description.

Conductor Lahav Shani introduces the three-minute performance, which includes pieces of “Ma Nishtana,” “Simcha Raba,” “B’tzet Yisrael” and “Avadim Hayinu.”


The musicality and sound quality of the finished recording is impressive considering it was made with each musician playing alone, in self-quarantine, with their own recording equipment. A total of 20 musicians (and at least one baby) participated in performing the arrangement by trombonist Micha Davis.