Join Strings in Northern Italy

Join Strings magazine and spend nine days immersed in the culture of Northern Italy this spring.

Musical History Comes to Life

March 19-27, 2020

Cremona, cathedral and baptistery, from ‘A Dawdle in Lombardy & Venice’ by I.S. Williams, 1928

Join Strings magazine and spend nine days immersed in the culture of Northern Italy this spring.

Together we’ll visit some of the most influential centers of instrument making and follow the evolution of the principal instrumental families – the bowed strings for which Italy is most renowned, as well as keyboards, plucked strings, woodwinds, and brass. And we’ll enjoy music performed on these period instruments.

We’ll also explore the thriving cities of Milan, Cremona, and Bologna – take a private tour of a modern luthier’s shop and try the instruments for yourself. Plus, taste the finest Prosciutto di Parma, Culatello di Zibello, and silky handmade egg pasta. This is a trip you don’t want to miss!

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Why Travel with Us?

Focus on Music

We plan itineraries that let you experience music like a local. And, we always include behind-the-scenes tours, visits, lectures, and events that give you a rich cultural and historical context.

Expert Guides

The high editorial standard you rely on from our magazines carries off the page. You can count on us to take you to popular attractions, but our expert guides will take you off the beaten track, too.

Like-minded Travelers

Traveling with the focus on music means you’ll be part of an enthusiastic group that has a lot in common. We promise you’ll make new friends and enjoy the company of your fellow musical travelers.

But don’t just take our word for it…

“I have traveled a lot, but never before with a focus on music. That focus – both in terms of the program and in terms of my fellow travelers – made this particular trip into one I will never forget. I am still processing all we saw and heard! Just go!” – Monica D.

“I could not have enjoyed the guidance and information I received on the memorable trip on my own. I am grateful to the Stringletter staff for a really meaningful experience.” – Mark B.

“I’ve traveled extensively but never before as part of a tour. The advantages were many: access to multiple types of music and dance performances, expert lecturers, a proficient translator, and convenient transportation … Plus, because most of the tour members were musicians, it was easy to meet and enjoy like-minded fellow travelers.” – Nancy L.

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