Your Ideal String Career: Answers

Mostly As: You’re a focused player, determined to do well and be a great performer. You have the listening skills (both musical and social), however, that may come in handy as a chamber player. Members of chamber ensembles frequently take time to work as soloists, so you wouldn’t be without that option. Many groups are also lucky enough to score a residency at a university, which would give you the stable home base you desire. With your sense of diplomacy and interest in connecting with people, both other players and audiences, a mix of solo and ensemble playing might just fit the bill.

Mostly Bs: You work hard to play well, but the Western-classical path is just not for you. You probably work on études and contemplate Mozart, but when it comes to what you love, it’s alt-styles and interesting venues. Your creativity finds a voice when you’re improvising and bouncing musical ideas off other players. And though you can totally rock it when you’re playing alone, collaboration is what generally makes it worth the ride.


Mostly Cs: You are determined to be a soloist and you work hard to get there. You take inspiration from the classics and are well suited to the hectic schedule and constant travel that accompany the limelight. It’s not that you don’t like hanging out with your friends or hate collaboration: you just have a dream and are working hard to achieve it. Good luck, but don’t forget to stop and smell the roses from time to time. Sometimes taking a minute for yourself can help prevent burn out.

Mostly Ds: Look at your answer to question four and embrace it: You can be both a musician and a college professor, or any kind of music teacher for that matter. You like helping people find the best in themselves and want to support their growth as players. Your playing is important to you, but you also have a gift in inspiring others and helping them find their way. You’re also not afraid of exploring all kinds of styles for inspiration. If one student isn’t into classical music, you’re ready to provide another outlet in rock, Irish fiddling, or western swing. You are organized and ready to tackle the thorniest problem. You are, in short, destined to be a great string teacher.