How to Add a Little Sparkle to Your Stringed Instrument

If you’re longing to personalize your musical style—add a little bling to your strings, as it were—here's where you might find just the right gear to make you cheer. 

By Emily Wright | From the July-August 2022 issue of Strings magazine

If a person completely unfamiliar with the string world were to attend an orchestral concert, they may come away with the impression that there is an almost uncanny prevailing commonality in taste. Unadorned wooden instruments, black cases, quiet concert attire. But, of course, though there are situations in which tradition rules and only solo moments will draw an audience’s eye to any one particular player, there are many other times in which a string player can add a little personal style, a little so-called bling, to the proceedings. If you’re longing to personalize your musical style, here are a few suggestions as to where you might find just the right gear to make you cheer. 


After perusing all of the options here, you may want to write a solo piece titled “Ode to Etsy.” Here you’ll find crystal-encrusted tailpieces, shoulder rests, fine tuners, and humidifiers, and mutes from a quiet floral to fun and feathery to straight-up rock ’n’ roll. And cellists, don’t forget a fun endpin holder (this one not on Etsy, but Stamell Strings). If it brings a smile to your face, it may just belong on your instrument. 


  • Swarovski-Crystal-Violin-Tailpiece-by-baroquebling

A Larger Statement

Perhaps instead of accessorizing your instrument itself, you’d rather invest in a statement case. Try something in rainbow or perhaps a fine cheetah. Case companies have jumped into the fashion game and provide an astonishing range of styles for the string player uninspired by basic black.

And don’t forget, if you’re looking for something to inspire a younger student, an instrument that brings to mind a favorite movie may just make practice time that much more appealing. 

Personal Styling

But what happens when your instrument is put away and you want to maintain your string style? From keychains to jewelry, there are more options than you can count to accessorize yourself!