Hear the World’s Longest, Playable Stringed Instrument, the Earth Harp, on Make Music Day

June 21 marks the 35th year of Make Music Day, a global celebration of music involving 800 cities and 120 countries.

This year NAMM’s Museum of Making Music will offer a special treat to Make Music Day participants when it hosts the Earth Harp, the world’s longest, playable stringed instrument, created by maker William Close.

The Earth Harp will stretch from NAMM’s Museum balcony all the way to its parking lot, and will be played live by an ensemble of musicians led by Close.


Watch above for a short video of the Earth Harp, which has more than 1,000 feet of string, and has an official a Guinness World Record.

“As a musician and an inventor of close to 100 musical instruments, I’m thrilled to be showcasing my best-known invention, the Earth Harp, on Make Music Day,” said Close in a statement. “I’ve always believed that the origin of music involves not only songwriting but the creation and mastery of an instrument. People always respond enthusiastically to the sound and spectacle of the Earth Harp and I look forward to seeing and meeting music fans at the Museum of Making Music on June 21. I’m honored to be performing at the home of so many unique musical instruments and their rich history.”

As described on the website, the Earth Harp’s giant strings “tie into the architecture or the landscape” transforming the space itself into a musical conduit and allowing audiences to experience the music “from inside the instrument.”

Other highlights of the day will include “Make & Play” stations where kids can craft their own string instruments, open mic sessions, and an Interactive Innovation Studio. See the NAMM museum website for details.