Hear the ‘Star Wars’ Theme Song Played on Ancient String Instruments

If you’ve ever wondered how the theme song for Star Wars would sound on ancient string instrumentsand really, how could you not?then wonder no more.

A group of amateur and professional musicians (all Star Wars fans, naturally) gathered in an old quarry in the northern part of Greece to record the theme song on instruments from the era of antiquity, made by luthier Anastasios Koumartzis, of Luthieros Music Instruments.


Ancient instruments include: chelys lyres, a barbiton lyre, an ancient Kithara of the Golden Age, a lyre of Har Meggido, an Epigonion, the lyre of Thamyris, and an ancient Egyptian drum Bendir.

The short fan film was directed, shot, and edited by Chris Sagias Orchestration, with music direction by Danis Koumartzis.

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