Exclusive Video Premiere: Cellist Juliana Soltis Plays Bach Sarabande

“The study of Bach can be intensely humbling, and a perpetual reminder to cultivate an open mind!” wrote cellist Juliana Soltis in a recent Strings article. “I think of the Bach suites as companions for life: works that grow and change with us throughout our careers as cellists.”


Soltis celebrates the notion that spontaneous improvisation was a part of musical culture at the time Bach’s famous cello suites were penned, and takes this approach in her recent recording Going Off Script: The Ornamented Suites for Cello. Last week, Soltis explored the Prelude from Suite No. 1 in G major. This week, performing on her 1677 Andreas Ferdinand Mayr cello, Soltis plays the Sarabande from Suite No. 3 in C major in this video premiere.