Eastman Debuts Electro Acoustic Series, Cello Cases, & Bass Extensions at NAMM 2020

Eastman Strings showed its new Electro Acoustic series at NAMM 2020, available as an option in any Eastman Step Up model for a $200 upcharge. The pickup is in the spruce top, and the low-profile 2.5mm cable plugs into the end button of the instrument. It’s available for violin, viola, and cello. The company also showed off its new CACL-50 cello case, featuring one-handed spring latches on a polycarbonate-carbon fiber blended exterior, and a rosin pocket, neck stability buckle, and zip-up bow pocket.


Eastman also demonstrated its new bass extension, developed in collaboration with LA Bassworks, which allows the instrument to go down to a low C. The Delrin closers function like guitar capos.