By Megan Westberg | From the September-October 2022 issue of Strings magazine

It isn’t unusual for a string player’s career to take shape in a rather eclectic way. To go from chamber music to orchestral work to solo work, to take music normally heard in a concert hall into a club or outside to the street, to play music in a variety of styles or inspired by a multitude of influences—modern players have a world of options available to them. It is the advanced player whose career reflects this kind of versatility that CodaBow was considering when it launched its new Escent bow.


This carbon-fiber bow was designed to provide the response of pernambuco with what the company describes as “clear tonal color” and “lively” articulation in order to give its players a tool that will be appropriate in a variety of performance situations. The all-black Escent has a core made of a plant-fiber blend with a unidirectional carbon-fiber structure and unique frog design (meant to offer added agility). And traveling musicians can breeze through customs without a care—this bow contains no species of concern.

CodaBow Escent 

  • Made of unidirectional carbon fiber with a plant-fiber blend core
  • Unique frog design to enhance agility
  • Design emphasizes versatility
  • All-black styling
  • Composite tip plate, tip wedge, and button screw bearings
  • Made of no endangered, monitored, or regulated species
  • Starting at $995 (MSRP)