CEO Simon Woods Resigns from the L.A. Philharmonic

By Megan Westberg

The Los Angeles Philharmonic announced Monday that CEO Simon Woods has resigned, effective immediately, with no explanation as to the reason for his sudden (and, to many observers, surprising) departure. Woods, who began his tenure with the orchestra in January 2018, came to the organization from the Seattle Symphony to replace Deborah Borda, who was leaving to assume leadership of the New York Philharmonic after 17 years in Los Angeles.


Woods said in a statement: “The Los Angeles Philharmonic is an extraordinary organization in every respect. It has been my complete honor to lead it for almost two years. However, after a great deal of reflection, I have concluded that my hopes and aspirations lie elsewhere, and as a result, I have tendered my resignation. I wish Gustavo, the musicians, the staff, the Board, and everyone associated with this organization all the very best as it commences its second century.”

The L.A. Phil is poised to open its season on October 3, and will be under the leadership of Board Chair Jay Rasulo and Board Chair Designate Thomas L. Beckmen until a new CEO is hired.