Joshua Bell

Quiz: What’s Your Ideal String Career?

Let’s face it: A lot of string players hit the practice room hard thinking, Soloist, soloist, soloist. Joshua Bell, Yo-Yo Ma, Kim Kashkashian. That’s the goal, right? Not necessarily. There are a lot of career options in the string world…

Titans Talk about the Bach Solo Violin Works

Scaling the six Bach Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin requires a firm grasp of violin technique and a propensity for soul-searching. John Holloway, Rachel Podger, Julia Fischer, and others discuss their approach  by Laurence Vittes Fifty years ago, virtuosos…

Peg compound

A Primer on Pegs

By Erin Shrader “Pegs don’t get a lot of respect,” says Eric Meyer, a Portland, Oregon, craftsman whose handmade fittings grace some of the world’s great instruments. “People think of them kind of like tires. They wear out and you…


Violin tailpiece

The Effects of a Tailpiece on Tone

By Erin Shrader “It’s amazing how they are overlooked in terms of aesthetics and function,” marvels Eric Meyer, when asked about tailpieces. “Especially since they sit right in the middle of the top of the instrument.” Meyer is passionate about…

Violinist Sarah Chang

Interview with Violinist Sarah Chang

Adulthood is offering a new world of opportunities for this former child prodigy by James Reel It’s easy enough to earn ovations when you’re an adorable ten-year-old girl who can plant your feet bravely on a stage and play the…


Gidon Kremer

Gidon Kremer Celebrates Five Years with the Kremerata Baltica

By Daniel Felsenfeld At the point in his extremely distinguished career at which violin soloist Gidon Kremer could well be resting on his own hard-earned laurels, he has instead chosen to redefine his own musical mission. And it is, indeed,…

Sticky Business: How Rosin Is Made

Sticky Business: How Rosin Is Made

Could any violinist rosin up with raw pine sap? What is rosin, anyway? Here's a look at how rosin is made and why it's essential for string players.

Yo-Yo Ma: On the Silk Road

Cellist and classical music icon Yo-Yo Ma discusses his world-music project by Edith Eisler Yo-Yo Ma is one of those rare people who can make even a hardened cynic believe that artistic and personal integrity go together. He is not…

Violist Kim Kashkashian Smiling

Profile: Violist Kim Kashkashian

A conversation with the preeminent violist by Edith Eisler “Wherever you are, in any situation, you always have pluses and minuses. At some point, one may outweigh the other and then you have to make a choice,” says violist Kim…