Gear Guide for Adult Amateur String Players

Even if you’ve been playing for years, it can be useful now and again to peruse a gear refresher. Here you’ll find some quick, easy tips about selecting strings, chin rests, cases, and bows. Choosing the Right Violin Strings Trying…


A Cello Bench, with Even a Place for Your Instrument to Sit

By Megan Westberg | From the January-February 2021 issue of Strings magazine You’re working on a piece and suddenly feel that the edition you’re looking at is not quite enough. You need to cross-reference. The other edition you want to…

Juliette Kang-Kathryn Raines

Violinist Juliette Kang Plays 2 Instruments Made Centuries Apart

By Laurence Vittes | From the November-December 2020 issue of Strings magazine As first associate concertmaster of the Philadelphia Orchestra since 2005, Juliette Kang serves regularly as concertmaster when David Kim is off. She helps communicate his leadership across the…


illustration of violin and viola chin rests

How To Choose the Right Chin Rest For Violin or Viola

By Richard Ward Some musicians can take any violin, use whatever chin rest is on it, and be perfectly happy. Most violinists and violists, though, need to find the right fit based on their personal anatomy and playing style. Head,…

The ‘Chi Mei, ex-Biddulph’ Stradivari case

Function or Fashion: Buying a Violin Case Under $500

By Greg Olwell Violins have never been safer than they are right now. Manufacturers employ an abundance of luxurious materials to swaddle your beloved violin, while shaping rugged shells to shield your delicate instrument from a destructive world. And now,…


9 Tips for Getting Your Child a Good Student Instrument

A parent’s guide to renting or buying a violin for school By Patrick Sullivan It had three strings, no bridge, and the top was coming unglued when the violin was carried into a classroom by a young beginner whose parents…

6 Tips on Buying a Bow For Your Stringed Instrument

1. Type of Material:  You’ll find there are several choices in materials to consider; each offers a different mix of durability, affordability, and tonal complexity. Pernambuco is historically the choice material for fine bows, and it will generally occupy the…


Worth It: Restoring a C. 1690 Grancino Violin

By James Koehler | From the November-December 2020 issue of Strings magazine One of my favorite restorations was on a ca. 1690 Giovanni Grancino violin. When I first saw the violin, it had many cracks in the top, which was…