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fine tuners on a violin

How to Select the Right Fine Tuners

Here we take a minute to demystify fine tuners on stringed instruments. How many fine tuners should you use? And which type is best? Read on to find out more
violin bow rehair

How to Tell If Your Bow Needs a Rehair

Bow hair does break and stretch, and eventually stops engaging the string. Here's what to look and feel for to know if it's time to have your bow rehaired.
Drawer full of Violin Bows

A Guide to Buying a Bow

Choosing a bow can be a daunting task, given the multitude of products on the market. Here are several simple points to consider when you venture off to visit your local dealer in search of the perfect stick to suit your needs.
Sticky Business: How Rosin Is Made

Sticky Business: How Rosin Is Made

Could any violinist rosin up with raw pine sap? What is rosin, anyway? Here's a look at how rosin is made and why it's essential for string players.