French Baroque Composer Portrait

5 Tips on Approaching French Baroque Music

Like its English and Italian cousins, this variety of Baroque music offers rich rewards by Sarah Freiberg When you think of Baroque composers, working from 1600–1750, Vivaldi and Bach most often spring to mind. But there’s a rich repertoire for…

Improve Your Violin or Viola Bow Hold in 3 Easy Steps

Use this simple exercise to enhance your technical command of the bow by Leah Hollingsworth The proper bow hold is a key part of developing your own sound—it’s a fundamental that needs to be learned and then reinforced, not only…


How to Buy Adequate Instrument Insurance

What a special music policy costs, what it covers, when it makes sense for you by Erin Shrader “You have to buy insurance when you don’t need it,” says Peter Anderson, president of the Anderson Group, one of a handful of…


Paul Katz New England Conservatory

Role of the First Violinist

So you think the first violinist is running the show in a string quartet? Guess again by James Reel For more than a century after Joseph Haydn established the string quartet as one of music’s most sophisticated art forms, the…