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Bill Evans

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Playing Up to Tempo with Your Musicianship Intact

By Laurel Thomsen A quick web search for advice about playing faster on a bowed stringed instrument returns the suggestions that the player practice more, practice more slowly, and use a metronome to gradually increase the tempo over time. All these…

Bartolomeo Campagnoli

Tips on Approaching Campagnoli’s 41 Caprices for Viola

By Nicholas Cords Bartolomeo Campagnoli’s 41 Caprices, Op. 22, are rarities in the realm of 19th-century studies in that they are actually written originally for the viola. As such, they offer a unique window into the mindset of the 19th-century…


Restorer Adam Pelzer Combines Patience, Grit & Dedication to the Craft

By Anna Pulley Thirty-year-old instrument restorer Adam Pelzer admits that he receives regular comments about his youthful appearance. “I’ve been called ‘teenage looking’ once by a concertmaster I did an adjustment with,” he says. “Apparently I look much younger than I…

A Musical Tour Through Cuba

By Stephanie Campos Cuba. First thoughts? Don’t lie: cigars and rum. That might change after your first visit, though—there’s so much to explore beyond the contraband, and the sensory overload is evident the second you step off the airplane at…