AFVBM To Meet In Berkeley In May

Every two years, the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers, a group comprised of some of the most respected bow and violin makers, restorers, and dealers in the United States, gathers to reconnect, attend knowledge-building lectures, and to vote on admitting new members. The Biennial General Meeting will be held at University of California, Berkeley, May 25–29. The event is scheduled to feature lectures from Lisbeth Butler, Yung Chin, and David Hawthorne on items from the Chi-Mei collection; scans of violins from Amati, Guarneri, and Stradivari families; and legal issues facing the marketplace, including ivory and fraud. Though the event is a private meeting for Federation members, the public will have an opportunity to meet with the makers who are visiting from all over the US, throughout the event.


—Greg Olwell