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Home Recording: 5 Quick Tips on Promoting Your Own Recordings

By Laurel Thomsen 1. Test & Plan for Success The process of album promotion should begin long before your first recording session, at performances where you test drive material and determine which songs your audience members can’t live without. It’s important…


Home Recording: Equipment That Won’t Break the Bank

By Blair Jackson Thanks to the ongoing digital audio revolution, it’s never been easier or more affordable to make high-quality music recordings in your own home or work space. Whether you want to make casual reference recordings to assess your…



Tips on Nailing Tricky Double-Stops in Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto

By Laurel Thomsen Considered one of the world’s greatest violin concertos since 1845, when it was first premiered by its dedicatee, violinist Ferdinand David, Mendelssohn’s thematically lyrical and structurally innovative violin concerto has inspired composers and generations of violinists. After…

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Playing Up to Tempo with Your Musicianship Intact

By Laurel Thomsen A quick web search for advice about playing faster on a bowed stringed instrument returns the suggestions that the player practice more, practice more slowly, and use a metronome to gradually increase the tempo over time. All these…

Gaelynn Lea

Review: Fiddler Gaelynn Lea’s ‘Learning How to Stay’

By Laurel Thomsen Winning NPR’s prestigious Tiny Desk Contest in 2016 gave Gaelynn Lea wings, as she and her husband uprooted their lives in northern Minnesota for the adventure of the road. Coming full circle, her third album, Learning How…


violin bridge showing the chop technique

6 Ways to Master the Chop on Violin

If you have difficulty getting the right amount of "crunch" from your chopping technique, here are 6 ways to master the "chop" on violin that will help.

How to Master Martele

4 ways to add contrast and clarity with a common stopped bow stroke By Laurel Thomsen THE PROBLEM Your music needs to build intensity, make a statement, or wake up an audience, but your bowing technique is lacking. THE SOLUTION…

Learn to Develop a More Natural-feeling Bow Hold

A 5-step approach to finding the perfect grip for your violin or viola bow By Laurel Thomsen Fig. 1: Turn your hand over so the palm faces up. Let your thumb curl inward. Fig. 2: Turn your hand back over,…


proper arm placement on violin for string crossing

Bowing Tips: 3 Easy Ways to Improve Your String Crossings

Work your shoulder weight to gain speed, accuracy, and powerby Laurel Thomsen The Problem: You’re not getting power in your strokes after sloppy string crossings. The Solution: Sharpen your awareness of bowing arm dynamics. When you want to move to…