1753 Guadagnini Violin Sells for $1.2 Million at Tarisio Auction

By Stephanie Powell

A 1753 Giovanni Battista Guadagnini violin led the way at Tarisio’s October auction, selling for $1.2 million. During this time period Guadagnini opted for an arresting reddish-amber varnish and a model that was generally flatter and broader than his earlier instruments. A 1750 Camillus Camilli violin sold for $258,600, and on its heels a 1701 Giovanni Tononi violin sold for $236,00 and a 1774 Tommaso Balestrieri violin sold for $216,000. Complete with its original ribs, an 1820 Raffaele and Antonio Gagliano cello sold for $90,000.


Dominque Peccatte cello bow
Dominique Peccatte cello bow

Rounding out the high flyers was a Dominique Peccatte cello bow that sold for $102,000 and a James Tubbs viola bow for $13,200.