By Stephanie Powell

After two years on the market, Pirastro’s KorfkerRest for violin is getting revamped. The next iteration of the shoulder rest will include new hardware, synthetic feet that are easier on varnish, and an Ergo pack that can be adjusted to fit a 3/4 violin. Pirastro has selected a different wood that no longer requires the user to bake the shoulder rest to lock its shape in place. The metal hardware is more durable, and the feet are made out of synthetic nylon to avoid slipping and damaging the varnish.

Pirastro will also introduce a viola version of the shoulder rest, which will include the same improvements. Both rests will come with two sets of low-density foam pads with an improved cushion feel and reduced weight. The KorfkerRest for viola will come with two Ergo packs that are adjustable to fit any viola size between 15″ and 17.5″.


  • KorfkerRest for Violin: $315.96 (list); $297 (MAP)
  • KorfkerRest for Viola: $351.31 (list); $330 (MAP)
  • Synthetic nylon feet
  • KorfkerRest for violin: 1 Ergo pack; KorfkerRest for viola: 2 Ergo packs
  • Two sets of low-density foam pads